BONDS Whoopsies™ Packaging

For over 100 years BONDS has been the leader in comfy for all Aussies, whether dressing bubs in iconic Zippys, keeping us cosy through COVID, they have everything for the Australian family.

Given BONDS expertise in Baby, and building on their successful absorbency franchises (Bloody Comfy Undies, Damn Dry Undies) Bonds were looking to continue to expand their baby offering with the launch of a new pipeline of absorbency products to continue to elevate Bonds Baby to be the leader in product innovation.

Introducing BONDS Whoopsies™ – a new range of absorbency products for kids/babies to help with life’s ‘oops’ moments.

The range will launch with a toilet training undie – designed to be comfy, kind and fun for those first ‘oops’ moments. Elevating Bonds baby portfolio with an innovative reusable and sustainable product that helps contain ‘wee accidents’ during toilet training and a feeling of wetness to teach valuable training signals.

Davidson was commissioned to develop bespoke packaging on new and existing die-lines. The packaging needed to educate and support the customers through the purchasing journey of the Whoopsies™ range via communication of key product attributes and product innovation – while leveraging the existing consumer trust and loyalty in the BONDS brand.

Product photography was a strong tool to showcase product shape while the die-cut window allows consumers to interact with the material and selection of patterns. In-line with the other absorbency product packaging design, Whoopsies™’ key product benefits are clear and simple, ensuring we clearly communicate the product innovation and proof points but in the Bonds way, ie: FUN! The Whoopsies smile logo brings to life the Bonds’ down-to-earth and light hearted tone of voice, married with the water wave pattern that appeals to both mum and bub.

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