Buddee Brand Creation

Buddee Foods approached Davidson with a new product that would solve every parent’s biggest lunchbox challenge; finding a school-safe food solution that their kids will love and actually want to eat!

Their brand ambition was to be the go-to food brand of choice for every lunchbox parent, that goes through the daily battle of what to safely pack in their kid’s lunch.

The brief included an in-depth local and global competitor analysis and the development of the consumer buyer profile, which formed the foundation insights for the brand framework. 

Our recommended brand strategy was based on the belief that every person across Australia with a food allergy or intolerance should have the freedom to enjoy the pleasure of food.

The brand idea ‘Deliciously Safe’ focused on ‘appetite appeal’, positioning the brand as moreish, insanely tasty and would have every family member asking for it by name. 

Davidson also went through an extensive naming process to handcraft a unique name that is memorable, own-able and speaks directly to the end consumer: kids! The brand personality was accessible, optimistic and nurturing, with a touch of playfulness.

The ‘Buddee’ smile in the logo reinforces the smile that the spread brings to anyone that picks it up. From the brand mark we have developed a ‘Buddee’ stamp. This stamp can be taken off pack and applied to multiple touch points to further the Buddee brand. 

This fun and playful brand name was then paired with a ‘talking pack’ design. All the copy on the pack is expressed in a conversational and approachable tone to reiterate the brand’s personable, transparent brand values. 

Vibrant colours were chosen for the variant colours to achieve a strong presence on shelf whilst also connecting with the younger school kid audience. Each of the three colours are slightly unique and paired with a complimentary colour to make it more iconic and different from competitors. 

“Grant and the team at Davidson Branding were outstanding in every way. They have an amazing and in-depth knowledge of both the FMCG industry and the important nuances behind creating a brand from scratch. The detailed process of how they turned Buddee from an idea to a complete brand that sits on the supermarket shelf is nothing short of remarkable. It was an absolute delight working with the various teams within Davidson Branding, as their individual skill sets shone through. We can’t wait to work with them for the next project under the Buddee brand.” Seong-Lee Ang, Buddee Co-founder
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