Chobani Australia Christmas - Product range packaging design
Chobani Australia Christmas - Cheeky themed illustration and Messaging
Chobani Australia Christmas - Flip packaging design
Chobani Australia Christmas - Yogurt pot packaging design
Chobani Australia Christmas Packaging Design- Cheeky Christmas themed on pack illustration
Chobani Australia Christmas - Cheeky Christmas themed messaging and illustration
Chobani Australia Christmas - Cheeky Christmas themed illustration
Chobani Australia Christmas - Pouch packaging design

Chobani Christmas Packaging 

As a market leader, Chobani is known for releasing seasonal-themed Limited Batch flavours! To get into the Christmas spirit, Chobani has launched a Mince Pie Pot, Gingerbread flavoured pouch, and Santa’s Milk and Cookies Flip released exclusively at Woolworths this Christmas season. 

Davidson was commissioned to design packaging for a range of variants that herod the seasonal nature of them and talked to the unique flavours. 

We developed three characters, Santa Claus, Mrs Claus and a Christmas Elf. These characters were all designed in the same look & feel with a similar mischievous nature being carried across the products. The flavour variant is called out through the food that each character holds in their hands: Santa Claus with a half-eaten cookie and a glass of milk, Mrs Claus has crumbling gingerbread, and the Elf has Mince Pies. The crumbs falling from each of their mouths reinforces the delicious offerings of the yogurts. 

As one of Chobani’s Limited Batch releases, we had the opportunity to be a bit playful with the design look & feel of the variants. This included introducing some Christmas puns such as, “Go on treat yo’elf” on the Elf’s Mince Pot Pie and “Merry Cho-mas” on the Mrs Claus’ Gingerbread pouch. We also had the flexibility to play with the barcode shape to align with the Christmas nature of the products. 

The products use the classic Christmas colours in conjunction with a Xmas Special callout to hero the limited nature of the product over the festive season. 

The result of this creative brief is a fun and playful set of yogurts that have a ‘collect them all’ look about them. They also have a great shelf presence when sitting alongside the core Chobani range and competitor yogurts. 

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