Chobani Easter

In 2020 Davidson created the iconic and loveable character – ‘CHOBUNNY’ – for Chobani’s seasonally-themed limited batch flavours. These were exclusively ranged in Woolworths.

Chobani wanted to delight customers by launching the classic Hot Cross Bun flavoured flip with a chocolatey Chobani twist and a Spiced Raisin pot to celebrate this Easter.

Davidson was commissioned to create two Easter-themed artwork designs that would bring the spirit of the Easter season to life. The focus was to ensure shelf-stand out and communicate the different flavours to consumers. However, they had to appear visually different from their previous Easter launches.

We used inspiration from existing Easter Special products on the market to identify what key elements were needed to reinforce the seasonal nature of the product. This included; bunnies, eggs and pastel colours. As a result, we developed two different designs for the new Chobani Easter range for Coles; Chocolate Hot Cross Bun Flip and Hot Cross Bun Pot.

We designed the products to look like a range on the shelf so that consumers felt like they could ‘collect’ them all. We achieved this by keeping the pattern in the background and the bunny the same across both variants. Distinguishing factors between the two flavours were the illustrations and the use of colour. For example, the Hot Cross Bun tub uses cinnamon as its primary colour, whereas the flip plays on the chocolate cues.

We have maintained the ‘Chobunny’ brand name for this range and introduced a bunny on both packs to make sense of the name. This bunny not only instils the sense of Easter but also interacts with the flavour cameo illustrations.

To increase the playfulness of the pack, we added small and subtle fun elements, including in the flavour name, where we accentuated the ‘O’ in the word ‘HOP’ – this plays on the animated nature of the word itself. The ‘Easter Special’ roundel was also inspired by the shape of a traditional easter egg.

The result of this creative brief is a set of yogurts that instil a real sense of Easter.
These two innovative, limited batch flavours offer consumers a healthier alternative during the heavy chocolate season.

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