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Davidson 12 Days of Christmas

As a tradition, each year the Davidson team sends out physical gifts to clients to celebrate the Christmas season as well as to express gratitude for the opportunity to work together. For the 2018 Holidays, the team decided to donate, on behalf of clients, to charities in Australia.

Using the Twelve Days of Christmas as the cultural backdrop, we hand-picked Australian charities to donate to. On each of the 12 days , Davidson released an eDM and social media posts highlighting the not-for-profit, spelling out their purpose, quantifying what the donation would do and encouraging others to donate as well.

Davidson created twelve animated GIF’s that featured a number in large, bold typeface with accompanying designs made to stand out amongst the clutter and noise of other holiday marketing campaigns. To cut through mobile clutter, the numbers were large, nearly spanning the entire image plane. The colours matched the corresponding day’s not-for-profit while maintaining a holiday tone. In creating many unique designs, ad-fatigue was diminished, and mobile users had something new and different to interact with each day.

Over the course of the 12 days, we garnered impressive engagement with the campaign. This campaign was not backed by ad spend, and thus the amount of engagement is a result of organic interest.

Total number of people looking at the videos: 14,026
Total number of people clicking through, liking, commenting, and sharing 1,462
Total amount of money donated: $10,810

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