Hegs Pegs - Talking Pack Design & Brand Personality
Hegs Pegs - Logo refresh
Hegs Pegs - On Pack Iconography
Hegs Pegs - Product colour range packaging design
Hegs Pegs - Brand Refresh & Packaging Design
Hegs Pegs - Back of pack instructional illustration
Hegs Pegs - Brand personality, positioning and messaging
Hegs Pegs - Product colour range packaging design

Hegs Pegs

Hegs Pegs were proudly designed in Australia through endless trials and testing to get the perfect product. The team saw a gap in the market for an innovative and reliable solution for drying clothes, alleviating many of the laundry pain points consumers struggled with.

They won gold at the International Good Design Awards. HEGS pegs feature a patented dual hook to hang multiple garments simultaneously and reduce ironing time.

Hegs Pegs were successfully ranged within Coles and Woolworths, but sales figures had room for growth, and there was a desire to expand into international markets.

The owner wanted to test if the current messaging on the pack was resonating with buyers and asked Davidson to conduct market research that would influence a new packaging design.

Hegs Pegs had a devoted Facebook community, so Davidson designed an online incentivised survey that ran across social media. The 5min questionnaire gathered insights on laundry behaviour, pain points, peg usage and aesthetic preferences. The survey results produced a very clear direction. Strength and durability was the number 1 factor that buyers were looking for in a peg.

Davidson’s Strategy and Creative teams worked closely to design a new ‘talking pack’ that communicated the product’s unique selling features. Personifying the peg through the robust copy on the pack makes the brand more approachable as it connects with the consumers. The result was a clean contemporary pack design that literally spoke to buyers, selling itself and the primary product benefits.

The packaging featured a refreshed masterbrand logo and retained the existing vibrant orange hero colour to maximise brand equity and stand out in-store. It also represented Hegs Peg’s new brand personality: down-to-earth, innovative and cheeky.

The packaging design was carried across three product variants and a new recycled plastic peg, creating a holistic look and feel for the range.

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