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Horseland Brand Refresh

As Australia’s Leading Retail Equestrian brand and with a loyal following, the Horseland brand had remained unchanged for decades. The brand needed a refresh to attract a younger audience without alienating their loyal audience to ensure the business’s future prosperity. 

Davidson were briefed on repositioning, rebranding and rolling out a new store concept nationally for the Horseland brand. The new brand needed to; be on-trend with the latest fashion styles and looks, create a sense of community for horse riders and capture the passion and connection between horse and rider. 

Our approach began with conducting focus groups to identify their needs, wants, and desires across all market segments. In collaboration with Horseland, Davidson conducted many store audits and ran interviews with store managers across their national network. From this, Davidson developed Horselands value proposition, leveraging their core strength. We identified that what customers valued the most was the incredibly knowledgeable staff. The DNA of Horseland and their expertise came from being experienced, enthusiastic and passionate riders themselves. The new brand positioning we developed was ‘Horseland; By riders for riders since 1978’.  

The brand identity brought to life the key emotion and driver of horse owners, with the refreshed horse icon capturing this unique bond between rider and horse and the brand’s heritage. This logo is supported by classic crafted typography alongside their brand colour to ensure it is ownable and distinctive. 

Davidson rolled out the new brand identity across the store concept, developing the whole store experience, including; layout, finished, fixtures, lighting, joinery, signage and graphics. The store layout was built using the world best practice customer journey, considering department adjacencies, including site lines and focal points. One of the store’s key features and focal points is the 4 metre long, stitched leather counter with the Horseland logo branded into the leather to resemble a saddle and complimented with the super graphic and emotive image of the brand position.  

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