Jordans Low Sugar Granola - Product range packaging
Jordans Low Sugar Granola - Almond and Hazelnut Granola Packaging design
Jordans Low Sugar Granola - On pack cameos
Jordans Low Sugar Granola - Front of pack design and back of pack messaging

Jordans Low Sugar

Jordans has always had a passion and commitment to delicious ingredients and healthy eating – there is always something new to discover and enjoy. 

Sugar reduction is a hot issue these days, that is why Jordan’s has contributed effort into eliminating it from their products. It has been an exciting challenge for the brand as sugar contributes to the crisp texture of the granola and the flavour that all consumers adore. 

Jordans has cleverly produced granola with less than 5% sugar using no artificial ingredients with the support of chicory root fibre. This low sugar range has 3 base flavour variants; cherry and almond, almond and hazelnut, blueberry and coconut. 

Davidson was commissioned to bring to life their new strategy and develop packaging that capitalised on the growing trend of reduced sugar. Davidson then applied this look and feel across the 3 flavour varients. 

Breaking through the category with strong shelf-stand out and offer differentiation, the new pack design elevates Jordans Low Sugar range position within the competitive (and often overwhelming) category, alluring new health-conscious consumers to a low-sugar, wholesome flavoured alternative.

The striking blue packs feel fresh and light, inviting consumers to dive into a new delicious Jordans product, without the guilt. The new product packaging doesn’t push a specific eating occasion, contrasting to many competitors’ low-sugar varieties who often focus on breakfast products. This means consumers feel a sense of variety and choice, whether that involves snacking in the morning, during that 3 pm work slump or as a late-night, healthy snack — the cravings are satisfied with delicious, guaranteed flavour pairings. The photography feels fresh, light and full of flavour goodness, matching Jordans Low Sugar UK packaging, with the inclusion of windows, strong brand placement and connection to their UK family.


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