Jordans ‘Very Berry’ Museli

For more than 160 years, Jordans has been creating delicious family recipes. Mastering the art of preparing nourishing breakfasts that are both tasty and nutritious. Jordans has extended its brand beyond its current Granola and Clusters fixture, to an adjacent fixture with other raw or untoasted mueslis. The primary objective is to recruit new households and grow penetration with Aussie breakfast cereal buyers, and those consumers who already dip into wholesome & oats-based cereals. Jordans launched a new berry muesli that appeals to those liking berry flavoured cereals as they were lacking that offering their current muesli range.

Davidson were commissioned to design a new berries recipe that aligned with the current Museli range but pulled out the distinctive ingredients. We were also tasked with updating and adjusting the packaging for an Australianisation of the current British packaging.  

Davidson was also involved in considering ways of naming the product for the broadest appeal with new and recurring Jordans consumers. The variant name was an important opportunity to excite consumers about the flavour and boost appetite appeal within a busy berry flavoured shelf market. Davidson in collaboration with Jordans created the product name ‘Very Berry’ to help illustrate the large amount of real berries used in the product while matching the tone of the existing Museli products ‘Fruit & Nut’ and ‘Four Nut’.

Leveraging Jordan’s strong presence within the ‘healthy eating’ shelf space, Davidson focused on dialling up the natural benefits of this new range addition, while appealing to consumers’ tastebuds. 

We kept the pack structure and design in line with the current Museli range and introduced fresh, delicious ingredient cameos centered around the existing bowl window against a deep, rich ‘berry’ pack colour, to match.

Another delicious new product added to the existing Museli family! Offering a healthy, wholesome and versatile breakfast option for Aussie consumers, the new Very Berry Museli elevates Aussie consumer’s morning ritual with bursts of berries, wholesome benefits and in keeping with Jordan’s products, a very satisfying start to the morning.

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