Melbourne Jet Base Brand Logo Development

Melbourne Jet Base

Melbourne Jet Base is a world-class private jet facility, established to provide a premier travelling experience for well-known global VIPs. Australia’s first of its kind was reserved for the city that houses the country’s most prominent sports and cultural events.

Paul Little AO had the vision to deliver a state-of-the-art facility, appointing Cox Architecture the responsibility of bringing it to life. Working closely with The Shannon Company, Davidson Branding developed the brand identity for this exciting one-of-a-kind project.

The Melbourne Jet Base iconic building shape ‘plays on the tension between earth and sky, with its form inspired by the graceful shape of an aircraft wing’. A sleek brand identity by Davidson Branding was developed to best reflect the unique architectural feature and similarly, ‘evoke the poetry and dynamism of flight’. Free-flowing aeronautical forms were the focal point of reference throughout the whole design process, from the inception of the architectural concept to its branding.

The project lifted the benchmark globally – creating a space which is unique to the world, accompanied by a timeless brand identity that clearly communicates luxury and elegance.

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