National Transport Research Organisation (NTRO) 

NTRO stands at the forefront of transportation innovation, with over 240 staff members and a network of offices strategically positioned across Australia and New Zealand.

With a rich history spanning over 60 years, NTRO, formerly known as the Australian Road Research Board (ARRB) and Australasian Centre For Rail Innovation (ACRI), lead the charge in shaping the future of transportation through groundbreaking research and practical solutions.

Davidson Branding was given the opportunity to unify NTRO’s diverse range of services and expertise under a single cohesive brand identity that could effectively communicate across different sectors within the transportation industry.

The NTRO wordmark was designed with distinctive styling that reflected the pathways, nodes, and intersections encountered in travel, both on and off land. As an innovative transport brand, we placed a strong emphasis on the letter ‘T’, symbolising transport as the core focus of its business operations.

We chose a color palette that featured a blend of blue tones and metallic silver, reflecting the brand’s dynamic and forward-thinking nature, with the blue also paying homage to the heritage of ARRB.

Top-down photography was utilised to showcase various modes of transport such as rail, ports, and roads, illustrating its comprehensive service offerings. These visuals not only highlight NTRO’s commitment to addressing current transport challenges but also underscore its vision for future innovation and solutions, positioning the brand as a thought leader in the transport sector.

The graphic device employed draws inspiration from networks and connections, both literal (such as roads, rails, and flight paths) and metaphorical (representing the connection of ideas, research, and people), further emphasizing its holistic approach to addressing transport needs.

NTRO has now emerged as a pioneering force in transportation, combining six decades of research with a unified brand identity, they are positioned as innovators and experts in the transport industry.

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