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IQ buds Max and IQ stream TV packaging


Founded in 2015, Nuheara is a hearing technology company driven by the vision of changing lives by enhancing the power to hear, specifically transforming the way people listen through the creation of smart hearing solutions that are both accessible and affordable. The company believes that hearing is all about interaction, communication and people. Designed in Australia, Nuheara’s products such as the IQbuds2 MAX and IQstream TV are unique as they offer innovative features within the hearing sphere that other brands do not.

Nuheara’s packaging to date lacked consistency and was not reflecting the smart, innovative nature of their products. Davidson were commissioned to elevate the packaging design to create a distinctive yet consistent look and feel that aligned with the brand’s DNA and ensured strong brand blocking on shelf. The new packaging needed to be cohesively applied to the entire product family with the ability to adapt to Nuheara’s different product offerings.

Davidson created a new packaging system that aligned with cues of high tech, premium audio equipment and allowed the brand to sit shoulder to shoulder with aspirational, formidable competitors such as B&O. Iconic, sculptural photography heroes the product design and embellishments such as gloss varnishes and metallic foils reinforce the high quality and premium nature of the Nuheara family of products. A simplified pack hierarchy clearly calls out product usage and benefits. A new suite of icons was created to highlight product features and benefits.

The multi-award-winning Nuheara IQbuds have been recently recognised by the likes of The Australian, Rolling Stone, Gizmodo and Time Magazine as “Best Inventions 2020”.

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