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Leading the Circular Economy with Pact Group

Established in 2002, Pact Group is Australasia’s largest recycler of plastic resin and a $1.8 billion innovation group. It is the only company that operates across the whole circular economy, delivering smarter scaled solutions throughout the packaging world.

In February 2020, Pact Group unveiled its future vision to lead the circular economy. As part of this strategy, the group was restructured into three divisions – Pact Packaging, Pact Reuse and Pact Recycling; bringing together its diverse portfolio of acquired companies and brands. Together, they work as one to make Pact Group the only company in the world to operate across the whole circular economy.

Pact Group needed a brand strategy and visual identity that would bring this new vision, purpose and positioning to life. Workshops and internal stakeholder interviews provided critical insights that allowed Davidson to develop a compelling brand narrative which in turn brought to life the unique brand positioning: ‘Leading the circular economy’. To delineate between the three Pact divisions and their capabilities, we created a brand architecture that unified all products and services under Pact Group; giving internal and external audiences a clear understanding of the company’s structure.

Pact Group’s existing brand identity and visual language were missing the gravitas and scale of the company’s new vision. The brand needed a refresh to reflect its global stature and commitment to their new vision of a circular economy. We refined the logo with a new geometric typeface; balancing the symbol’s proportions to create a bold and confident brand mark. A vibrant palette of colour blends was introduced to differentiate the three Pact divisions visually; the ‘innovation’ of blue-cyan for Pact Packaging, the ‘optimism’ of red-orange for Pact Reuse, and the ‘sustainability’ of teal-green for Pact Recycling.

The new visual language featuring aerial nature landscape photography captures the grandeur of our planet and communicates the world-scale solutions of Pact Group. A simple circular graphic device holds the photography; the rotation reflecting the perpetual motion of the circular economy, further brought to life in animation as an ever-rotating ring.

Davidson created the brand assets for the new identity, including logo artwork, graphic device templates, iconography, infographics, stationery and animation. In preparation for the brand launch, we extended the identity into an interim website, teaser EDMs, credentials presentation, brand video and AGM collateral.

To ensure consistent use of the brand identity across multiple sites and countries, Davidson created a comprehensive online brand guidelines portal; allowing for easy access to the principles, latest brand assets and templates, as well as continuous updates as the brand system grows.

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