Pact Group Brand Style Guide

Pact Group is Australasia’s largest recycler of plastic resin. Structured into three divisions – Pact Packaging, Pact Reuse and Pact Recycling; the $1.8 billion innovation group brings together a diverse portfolio that makes it the only company in the world to operate across the whole circular economy.

As part of the rebrand, Davidson completed, Pact Group required a brand style guide to document the principles of applying their new visual assets. With offices around the world and different teams within the three business divisions, the guidelines needed to be easily accessible, updated and maintained by the core marketing team to ensure the consistent global rollout of the new brand.

To achieve a holistic solution, Davidson created an online guidelines portal. With a unique URL, the platform can be accessed anywhere globally, just like a website. The portal is an all-in-one solution that provides a user-friendly experience to navigate the brand principles while also acting as a repository where you can download all the latest graphic assets and templates. This includes important design files such as logo artwork, graphic devices, iconography and photography. And as the brand system grows, the web-based system allows for continuous updates that can be made in real-time. This eliminates the need for version control and ensures everything on the platform is always the most up-to-date iteration of the brand.

The online brand guidelines portal provides Pact Group with a simple solution to facilitate their new brand’s global rollout and maintenance. From the ease of access to the real-time updates, the portal equips the marketing teams across all three divisions with the tools to apply their brand with confidence and longevity consistently.


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