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Pact Group is Australasia’s largest recycler of plastic resin. Structured into three divisions – Pact Packaging, Pact Reuse and Pact Recycling; the $1.8 billion innovation group brings together a diverse portfolio that makes it the only company in the world to operate across the whole circular economy.

Davidson was commissioned to design the Pact Group website. The website’s key objective was to consolidate Pact’s diverse portfolio of acquired companies and brands under one overarching domain reflecting the three subdivisions created in the rebrand : Packaging, Reuse and Recycling.

The website is both an education piece communicating Pact’s business offerings and role in the circular economy, as well as a marketing channel with a product section to drive traffic and business enquiries. A key feature of this is a product filter—a search tool that allows users to navigate the range of products and submit enquiries to order.

Davidson delivered an insight-led website solution informed by data analytics in the SEO of the existing Pact website. The key to the process was creating a sitemap and wireframe prototypes that defined a simplified user journey. From visiting Pact Group to one of the three divisions and into a specific product or service, the new structure streamlines the navigation to create a seamless user experience for Pact’s different audiences, whether it is an investor, a government body, a prospective customer or an existing client.

The new brand visual language is overlayed on the website design. Full-bleed, aerial nature landscape imagery immerses the user in the content, complemented by moving footage that creates visual engagement. This interactivity is extended to infographics that invite the user to click and explore the content, enhancing the digital experience across the site.

Highlighting Pact’s focus on sustainability, a feature page with parallax and scrolling animation components was also specially developed to tell the story of the company’s unique role in the Circular Economy. The feature page provides an engaging way for someone who knows little about Pact, to understand the scale of their initiatives and how the Circular Economy works. Throughout the page, the content features call-to-action buttons that act as gateways and prompt the user to explore the Pact website.

Taking into account the future growth of the company, the modular build of the website design provides Pact with complete flexibility in content management, ensuring a future-proofed solution where pages can be edited and created as the company grows.

“Partnering with Davidson enabled Pact to build a visually engaging website that reflects our rebrand, consolidated a diverse portfolio of brands under our three divisions: Packaging, Reuse and Recycling and, explains the Group’s role in the Circular Economy. Our new website optimises the user experience for all of our stakeholders; customers, investors, government and employees. The modular build ensures flexible content management and future-proofed solutions that our internal team can continue to build and grow in line with the Group’s vision.”
Shamah Waters, Head of Marketing at Pact Group


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