JC's Sesh Snacks - Packaging Artwork and Logo
JC's Sesh Snacks Packaging Range
JC's Sesh Snacks - Flavour Range Artwork
JC's Sesh Snacks - Nippers front of pack design
JC's Sesh Snacks - Easy Rider front of pack design
JC's Sesh Snacks - Range Packaging Artwork
JC's Sesh Snacks - Range Packaging Artwork
JC's Sesh Snacks - Desert Heat front of pack design
JC's Sesh Snacks - Campfire front of pack & gusset design
JC's Sesh Snacks - Nippers back of pack romance copy

Sesh Snacks

JC’s Quality Foods are an Australian, family-owned business who pride themselves on providing consumers with deliciously healthy snack products created from the freshest natural ingredients sourced from only the best growers and producers.

J.C’s saw an opportunity to further develop the snacks space with crafted alternatives to the competitors in the nut snack space.

The new range builds on the JC’s core offering of great consistent quality nuts and nut blends that consumers know and love. Inspired by the recent growth and popularity of craft beer, not only because of their unique and interesting flavour profiles but also through the creation of quirky and unique packaging.

Inspired by this, J.C’s developed a range of six new handcrafted nut blends specifically designed for snacking in any social setting. The modern innovative nut blend flavours were based around an Australiana vibe: each with their own personalities, and leverage good Aussie humour and a contemporary take on Aussie larrikinism.

Davidson were commissioned to assist JC’s in creating a brand name, overarching brand identity and distinctive packaging which was uniquely Australian and tapped into the visual language of the ‘craft beer’ world. It needed to appeal to the millennial market and to those who enjoy a ‘sesh’ with their mates.

Davidson in collaboration with the JC’s team created the range name ‘Sesh Snacks’, which captured the culture of catching up with mates for a ‘sesh’, positioning the snacks as a perfect companion to any social occasion. The names for individual products reflected not only the flavour profile of the snack but referenced iconic Australian locations and tap into modern Australian vernacular.

A retro-Australian feel was created for the range which was inspired by the distinctive typography and graphic character illustrations which taps into the current trend for Australian nostalgia.

Six illustrations were commissioned that feature iconic Australian scenes with key ingredients in starring roles. On the back, quirky flavour and ‘Sesh’ stories were created to add a further level of discovery.

The release of the J.C’s Sesh Snacks range has generated excitement across their social platforms and has created a splash in the nuts and snacks sector.

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