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STH BNK By Beulah - Quote

STH BNK Website

STH BNK By Beulah is a revolutionary development in Melbourne. The $2.7 billion project will see the world’s tallest ‘greenscraper’ come to life in a stunning twin tower showcasing Australia’s highest sky garden. Rising 365m high, STH BNK By Beulah is home to state-of-the-art spaces that serve residential, commercial and retail functions, mixed with pocket parks and public green spaces that make it a truly multi-faceted destination.

STH BNK By Beulah required a website to build a brand presence online and generate interest in the exciting development. The website would lay the foundation for the future sustainable growth of the STH BNK precinct and brand in the online space. The website is intended to capture data and build a database to inform a data-influence approach to future marketing. The main objectives include: driving brand awareness, laying foundations that this is a hyper mixed-use precinct, engagement and loyalty amongst key audiences: Metrotechs and Leading Lifestylers and selling residences, commercial offices and retail tenants.

The website needed to create a distinctive and memorable digital experience to augment the brand’s overall positioning and would also be the platform to drive event engagements of STH BNK’s placemaking brand, BETA. 

Davidson created a website solution that brought the STH BNK brand to life. To achieve this, we created a sitemap that defined a straightforward user journey, prototyped the wireframes to ensure the best user experience, and brought the wireframes to life in a design that captures the aspiration of the STH BNK development.

The website is built as a modular CMS system. The modules allow for flexibility to accommodate different content types, rearrange the content, create new pages—all while retaining the consistent look and feel established for the brand. This future-proofs the website as STH BNK’s online presence grows and more pages are required. In addition, the modules adhere to a grid that is responsive to different screen sizes, making the website experience seamless across desktop, tablet and mobile.

STH BNK is a dynamic destination filled with diversified experiences. We used moving video content to capture this in the website design so the website itself is a dynamic destination for viewers to explore the content. Immersive full-bleed imagery and video content transports the viewer into the world of STH BNK. The design differentiates between the STH BNK development and the BETA placemaking brand with a site colour change (light/dark). The STH BNK pages use a white-based background, while the BETA pages use a black-based background. This helps the user navigate between these two different parts of the website.

The result was a visually stunning website that immerses the user in the world of STH BNK. The creation of the website helped to generate interest and facilitate the successful launch of the first activation of BETA – with tickets being sold out.

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