SYPAQ Website Design Redesign Digital SYPAQ Website Design Redesign Digital SYPAQ Website Design Redesign Digital
SYPAQ Website Design Redesign Digital
SYPAQ Website Design Redesign Digital

SYPAQ Website

SYPAQ is an innovative engineering and systems integration company that operates globally, with a commitment to ‘creating a world that works’. SYPAQ’s progressive vision and solutions-based approach contribute to making the world we live in a safer and more innovative place.

SYPAQ enlisted Davidson to create a new website and visual language that would more accurately support and communicate their vision. Their previous website was ‘clunky’, outdated, with their visual language not adequately expressing their status as a cutting-edge organisation. The vast amount of poorly organised information was hard to decipher and navigate, negatively affecting the user experience.

The revamp ultimately aimed to reflect SYPAQ’s commitment to innovation and ever-evolving nature through a website that showcased their expertise and experience. As trusted experts in their fields of endeavour, building innovative solutions to solve some of the most complex business challenges their customers face, the new site needed to reflect their ability and capability to demystify these challenges. Davidson’s goal was to revamp and elevate SYPAQ’s visual identity while designing a website that was as intuitive and easy to navigate as possible – an essential for such a multi-faceted company.

To address the pressing issues the old website exhibited, we first delved into a Website Development Workshop to identify a website hierarchy. This allowed us to distinguish a systematic and more digestible structure for the extensive content to be categorised. To help manage the content, we decided to include a Mega Menu so that users could easily find the desired service and information needed. We then proceeded to ‘future proof’ the website by gaining an insight into all potential functionalities desired. This conversation ensured a smooth and efficient design and website development process. We then proceeded to visualise the proposed new website structure in a clear yet detailed Site Map. The approved Site Map was heavily focused on user experience to ensure there was a clear pathway for contractors, candidates and SYPAQ clients. Wireframes then followed; we agreed on a custom modular approach to allow flexibility and future customisation due to the scale and desired website capabilities. This approach means SYPAQ can easily repurpose and duplicate the modules as they see fit. Imagery, graphic devices and headings can also be altered while maintaining visual consistency. This user-friendly and intuitive approach means that SYPAQ’s website can be updated with ease. The Davidson team then proceeded into the Concept Development stage and explored three visually unique directions that aligned with SYPAQ’s progressive vision.

While maintaining original brand elements such as the SYPAQ logo and signature navy colour, Davidson developed a sleeker visual identity system using complementary modern colours to elevate their brand essence. Inspired by the SYPAQ’ Q’, we created a graphic device that references their philosophy of ‘creating a world that works’, and the ever-evolving nature of technology. As the website does hold masses of content – both written and visual – on the Solution pages, we introduced a graphic device overlay to be built into the CMS. The graphic overlay was designed to sit over the imagery and has the ability to be turned off and on as desired, consequently allowing for instantaneous visual language consistency and design flexibility. When the device is applied to the images, it promises an immediate SYPAQ look and feel.

By maintaining their core values while modernising select elements, the new website is simultaneously more aligned with their brand and easier to navigate, serving as a vital educational touchpoint for anyone researching SYPAQ. The new website accurately communicates SYPAQ’s status as a global leader and innovator, with a sleek visual identity that aligns with their progressive vision. The collective feedback has been outstanding, and we look forward to seeing how it will lay the foundation for SYPAQ’s future growth.

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