Unilever Weis Packaging Refresh

Weis, the beloved Australian ice cream and sorbet brand from rural Queensland, has been delighting taste buds with its delicious flavours since 1957. A part of the Unilever family, Weis has long been a staple in Aussie households, bursting with the freshest natural ingredients.

In the fiercely competitive ice cream market, they recognised the need to elevate their brand with a more premium and contemporary flair.

We aimed to position Weis as a leader in the better-for-you ice cream segment, leveraging its fruit credentials to establish itself as the go-to choice for consumers all year round.

To achieve this, we embarked on a packaging refresh to resonate globally and ensure brand visibility in a saturated market.

Our approach involved research and strategy encompassing a thorough exploration of consumer preferences, trends, and competitor positioning.

We incorporated Weis’ signature half-and-half product format and introduced a fresh approach to the colour palette, reflecting the variant flavours accurately. Additionally, we used typography and stylistic romantic copy to bring to life the creaminess of the product, evoking associations of a fun summer with a slightly retro feel. Graphic elements featuring new claim icons and symbols were also added to complement the friendly, crafted and natural aesthetic.

We used imagery to represent the fresh, delicious, authentic ingredients, reinforcing the Weis brand and driving consumers’ perception of deliciousness and variant flavour profiles.

The heroic collage of ingredients is showcased with beautiful, bright lighting, capturing authentic ‘just-picked’ details and an abundance of succulent freshness, including water droplets. The ingredients are artfully bundled together in the centre of the packaging, positioned against the ice cream bar or scoop, creating a focal point amid the colour split of the variant.

Following Weis’ packaging refresh, we designed a style guide that included principles relating to the Weis brand, logo, colour palette, typography, graphic devices, and photography for their updated packaging range.

Weis is now ready to dominate the better-for-you ice cream market, drawing on its strong background in fruit credentials to become the top pick for consumers all throughout the year.

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