Yumi’s Dip or Create

Yumi’s are on a mission to make it easier for more Australians to enjoy delicious, real food every day. Part of this is making sure that real food options are available when consumers need them.

Recently, Yumi’s identified an opportunity to extend usage of dips by tapping into a new consumer consumption occasion – dinner at home. Insights revealed that many consumers considered using dips at dinner but didn’t follow through.

The launch of Yumi’s Dip or Create was designed to meet this need by offering versatility – consumers had a choice to enjoy the dip as usual with crackers or carrot sticks, or try one of the many simple recipes to use dip to create a variety of simple, easy meals.

The Davidson team were tasked with creating a new packaging design that simply communicated the key proposition of dual usage. The objective was to launch to drive behaviour change around usage of dips, and the challenge was to break the traditionally held view that dips are only for dipping.

The designs needed to align to the Yumi’s Masterbrand and form part of their growing dip portfolio whilst having clear differentiation and stand out.

All dip flavours were carefully selected to pair with Australia’s favourite cuisine types. Launch flavours were 2 Italian and 2 Mexican variants. At 100g, the tubs are ideal for a meal for two or a hearty meal for one. And minimising food waste was an added bonus with a smaller tub.

The design highlights Yumi’s delicious dips and is designed to inspire the cooks within us. An interesting part of the project was working closely with the Yumi’s team and working out how it should be ranged in store for maximum shelf impact. The dispenser was created to house the tubs, with all flavours sitting side by side to create a strong Yumi’s brand presence. Currently available exclusively at Woolworths.

“This launch was a critical one for the brand, and it was a pleasure to work with the Davidson team to create a pack that so clearly communicated the versatility of the product within. The team were very responsive, and willing to work through a variety of strategic directions and we’re delighted with the end result, and the impact it has on shelf.” – Susan Booker, Director of Marketing & Innovation

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