Yumi’s Koftas

The new Yumi’s Koftas Range is a go-to choice for a convenient, vegetarian dinner. Packed with real vegetables and authentic spices, Yumi’s Koftas satisfys cravings and stands as a protein alternative to meat.

Our goal was to establish a unique visual identity for Yumi’s Koftas, elevating them from a snack to a complete dinner solution. The Davidson team meticulously crafted the new Koftas look and feel for both the Middle Eastern Spices and the Smoky Harissa variants to fit within the Yumi’s family. Shelf stand out was key, due to the large range now in the category.

We captured enticing dinner photography, showcasing the Koftas as the centerpiece of a meal, sitting on suggestions of a bed of couscous or rice together with fresh salad. All in all delicious combinations and both exciting dinner options.

The design brief also wanted us to focus on authenticity, whilst delivering strong taste cues. From a format perspective, the Koftas were going to sit alongside the Yumi’s falafel skus so we had to ensure differentiation across the Yumi’s range.

Throughout the design process, we ensured that the essence of Yumi’s remained intact. This involved maintaining the distinctive circular layout with Yumi’s prominently positioned at the centre, serving as a visual reminder of the Yumi’s Brand.

Thanks to its flavorful vegetarian offerings and inviting packaging Yumi’s Koftas Range now stands out as a must-have in the vegetarian space.

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