Planet KIND

Gillette Planet KIND; Branding a Movement.

The leader of personal care and grooming space, Gillette, has announced its latest venture toward increased sustainability, launching its brand-new Planet KIND shaving brand. With a new assortment of products, Gillette aspires to be kind to the skin as well as nature. With the mission of providing an outstanding grooming experience whilst not compromising the environment, Gillette is making a clear effort to contribute to the establishment of a new benchmark of environmental excellence - by utilising fewer resources


Planet KIND
“Planet KIND is not only a shaving and skincare brand; it is a movement, a promise, and a place towards a better future”.


To accompany the launch, Gillette has partnered with Plastic Bank, a social enterprise to limit the plastic disposed into the ocean, claiming that every Planet KIND product purchased, contributes to preventing 10 plastic bottles from entering the ocean.




The Boston-based company’s latest skincare and shaving range includes a moisturiser, face wash, shaving cream, a razor and blades. The Planet KIND durable razor handle contains the equivalent of one recycled water bottle, made with 60% recycled plastic, claimed to last for years. The product lineup has completely recyclable packaging made with 85% recycled paper, 85% recycled plastic or infinitely recyclable aluminium.


Planet KINDPlanet KIND products create a routine that spreads kindness.


The partnering team is driven by the ambitious vision of saving the ocean; repurposing plastic to create products that commit to sustaining unpolluted oceans. It further speaks to the brand’s higher purpose of reducing plastic consumption and introducing recyclable packaging for products that not only work towards a brighter future for the skin but the environment too.


Planet KIND
When it’s time for a refill, all Planet KIND packaging can be recycled, even the razor blades!


The future-focussed name ‘Planet KIND’ is driven by the product benefit, supported by the brand positioning line – ‘kind to your skin and the planet’ which clearly communicates the Planet KIND proposition. Bringing the positive impact on the environment to the forefront of shoppers minds when making the decision on which skincare and shaving products to buy. The clear positioning highlights the unique quality that sets the range apart from other alternatives; being both sustainable and kind on the skin. 


The choice of the word ‘Planet’ adds extra weight to its impact on the environment as it looks at a larger scale, inclusive of all countries. Promoting the sense that purchasing the products will benefit the future of our planet. An emphasis has been placed on the word ‘KIND’ through capitalising to simply highlight the product benefit and brand positioning.


Planet KIND
Planet KIND’s eco-friendly grooming routine was driven by the increased demand for environmentally friendly and natural products.




Planet KIND’s light blue packaging design captures the essence of the brand and the efforts to reduce ocean plastic. The simple and clean design heroes the product, allowing the quality to speak for itself and maintain the focus on the concept of being environmentally conscious. 


A colour palette inspired by nature is used to make reference to the environmentally friendly product feature. The refreshing light blue creates a clear link to Gillettes masterbrand whilst keeping the products in line with the grooming space and still ensuring strong brand blocking on the shelf. The ocean blues are also a subtle nod to the recycled plastics that the razor handle is produced from.


The content is clearly communicated through the use of simple icons and the choice of a clean san-serif typeface with the speckles used to allude to the bathroom textures – where these products would commonly be kept. Creating a visually aesthetic product range that would sit well in the context. 


The products go beyond the packaging design as the range seeks to change attitudes to “reduce ocean plastic and empower the world to thrive”.




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Written by Grant Davidson
Grant is the founding partner and head of strategy at Davidson Branding. Over his 30 year career, Grant has developed world’s best practice knowledge and expertise through his studies at Harvard Business School and his experience working with global leading brands.
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