‘This year we are striving for double-digit decline’

Said no one ever.

Growth. In business, we all crave it, dream about it and fight for it. And when we see that chart spike, those little digits double, it can make our day, our year, even our career. Over the past 35 years, we’ve grown a business that helps businesses grow. We grow love and loyalty, passion and belief, share price, share of mind, share of wallet. We grow ‘woohoos’, ‘all rights’ and ‘oh yeahs’.

Bottom line is, we grow bottom lines.

How we help brands grow in three ways:

1. Competitive Advantage: We help to develop a competitive positioning in the marketplace to capture market share. We’ve studied Competitive Strategy at Harvard Business School and so we use these strategies and methodologies.

2. Brand Development: We develop or revitalise brands to bring the competitive positioning to life, differentiate from competitors, tap into new customer segments, or align with a new vision and strategic direction. This includes positioning lines, brand narratives, brand identity, naming, brand books/manuals.

3. Brand Communications: We develop brand communications including marketing strategies, marketing plans, and creative to attract new customers and build loyalty.

Gratuitous Chest Beating

Davidson is one of the industry’s leading strategic branding agencies. We’re proud to have received well over 300 awards including a Gold Graphis New York and Melbourne’s Design100 ‘Studio of the Year’ We’ve been published in local and international publications including Graphis New York & Communication Arts USA. We’ve been selected as one of ‘The World’s Most Business Savvy Agencies’ by Business Graphics, New York.

MDA Awards 2018

Complimentary Growth Sessions

Facilitated by one of our leading growth strategists, this 30-45 minute session will focus on:
• Defining your vision and growth aspirations
• Identifying growth speed humps and road blocks
• Identifying growth opportunities
• Defining a high-level plan



MDA Awards 2018

Shameless Name Dropping

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