The Power of Scarcity For Lead Generation

The Power of Scarcity For Lead Generation

If you look at the principle of supply and demand, you’ll notice that when supply is limited, demand goes up. Scarcity has a psychological influence on us, making us want something even more if there isn’t enough to go around. Scarcity for lead generation is great because it creates a fear of shortage, and thus a sense of urgency.

Limited Time Offers
Limited time offers are among the most popular in the scarcity category. Just think about your average car dealership. Most advertisements and commercials are based on a limited time deal. Some examples include:

  • ‘Get 0% financing before it’s gone!’
  • ‘Limited time only’
  • ‘End of financial year ends June 30’

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Limited Quantity Offers

When something is of limited quantity, it suddenly becomes more unique or exclusive. In some studies, limited quantity or supply offers have outperformed limited-time offers. Why? Because it’s hard to tell when an offer of limited quantity will suddenly become unavailable, while a time-based offer has a known end time. Limited quantity offers are great for not only getting people to say ‘yes’ to your offer, but to avoid procrastination completely. Futher examples include:

  • ‘80% of apartments sold’ in property markets
  • ‘Only 10 seats left’ for ticketed seminars and events
  • ‘1 of 100’ ever made for limited edition products

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Limited Time and Limited Quantity

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Groupon is the perfect example of using both tactics. All Groupon deals end within a certain time frame, and they limit the number of people who can buy a Groupon. That’s a powerful combination. The site also packages these scarcity tactics with discounting, which is another great value-add, especially for ecommerce businesses. Car brands also do this effectively with ‘limited stock’ and ‘limited time’ offers.

Written by Grant Davidson
Grant is the founding partner and head of strategy at Davidson Branding. Over his 30 year career, Grant has developed world’s best practice knowledge and expertise through his studies at Harvard Business School and his experience working with global leading brands.
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