The Future of Healthy Food

6 Consumer Drivers for 2023 & Beyond


The healthy food market is growing and evolving fast. The interest in healthier food coincides with many factors in our society, from our desire to look and feel good, nutritional needs, food intolerances, sustainability and, of course, the impact of COVID-19.

The big question is, how does this affect the attitudes, behaviours, consumption and buying habits of Australian consumers? They are the ones driving the change, seeking healthier food options and making choices that inform how we produce, create, present and market healthy food.

The pandemic has given people time to consider their health and lifestyle choices. This reset has given rise to permanent changes that represent a seismic shift in the healthy foods market.

For FMCG brands, now is the time to leverage this shift and ride the wave of change towards healthy food choices. The changes we make as an industry today will ensure our current and continued success in the future.

To ensure no opportunity is missed, we have drawn on a collection of nearly 150 global and local reports, case studies, and insights from experts, including Mintel, Roy Morgan and Future Foods. Culminating in a curated report, highlighting six key consumer drivers for 2021 and beyond.

The Future of Healthy Food report uncovers long-term trends and the positive short-term impact of COVID-19, which will help inform future trends in the healthy food category.

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What’s inside the report?

Discover the six consumer drivers in detail in the Future of Healthy Food report. Meanwhile, here’s a snapshot of each of them:

COVID-19 Impact

From a food perspective, COVID-19 restrictions have had a clear and wide-ranging impact on Australian consumers’ eating behaviours and health responses.

1. I think nature knows best – and you don’t mess with a good thing.

“Natural” and “organic” are terms widely used in the industry, but what do they mean to mainstream Australia? Shoppers are interested, and there are many success stories to share but beware of the labelling minefield.

2. I use food as a medicine – by eating good things and not eating bad ones.

Australians are turning to food to address medical conditions, many choosing nutrient-dense products that fall into the superfood category. With ingredients ranging from Hemp to Microalgae and Kombucha, the opportunity to supercharge superfood ingredients is set to rise.

3. I’ll have it in a pill – so I don’t have to think about it.

The complementary medicine sector, which includes vitamins and supplements, is a billion-dollar industry, showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, the demand has grown due to the impacts of COVID-19, and the sector continues to attract a large proportion of the Australian market.

4. I’ll have it in a box – and just leave it at the door, thanks.

Online meal delivery services are now accepted as part of Australian life. Many new players have entered this competitive market, which has seen a shift towards healthy alternatives along with restaurant-quality food that won’t break the bank.

5. I’m very flexible – cos’ my life isn’t straightforward.

Vegetarians, vegans and plant-based diets are some of the fastest-growing trends in the industry. Big retailers are taking notice providing products to meet consumer demands. The reduction in meat-eating and dairy has led to a search for tasty and nutritious alternatives.

6. I’m eating for tomorrow – cos’ it does make a difference

Now more than ever, consumers are making purchasing decisions based on environment, ethics and fair trade. The tipping point has been reached, where it’s no longer a ‘nice to have’ but a necessity for whole industries to produce products more sustainably.

7 strategies behind the world's most successful destination brands

7 strategies behind the world's most successful destination brands

7 strategies behind the world's most successful destination brands


Executive Presentations and Workshops

Book an in-house executive presentation where we will further expand on the insights, industry trends, and drivers identified in the Future of Healthy Food report. Whether you need assistance with new product developments, repositioning or brand messaging, this session will enable you to workshop strategic opportunities for your brand with our Senior Strategist, Grant Davidson. The presentation will be tailored to best suit your current needs, the key focus being to help you build successful and resilient brands in 2023 and beyond.