Brand Inspiration - Bottega Veneta Pop-Up

Bottega Veneta Pop-up

Seoul is home to a pop-up that stands out from the crowd as the temporary store is made up of a blend of regular structures and inflatables. The Bottega Veneta pop-up store was created to promote a new collection and is fitted with unique silver inflatable displays, seats and a freestanding perimeter wall. A new generation of sensorially enhanced, performance-driven pop-up venues is doubling as an entertainment hotspot as well as a way to humanise brands.

A growing number of fashion brands are opting to abandon overt marketing ploys in favour of sensory-driven experiences, with pop-ups serving as an effective vehicle for doing so.


Random Studio designed a spatial listening experience inspired by the neighbouring Hyundai Card Music Library.


Pop-up shops are being used by smart merchants to research customers behaviour, trial new business concepts, and much more as they act as a multifunctional enabler for brands to exhibit their identity.


Random Studio was enlisted to creating a pop-up experience and store scenography to exhibit Daniel Lee’s AW 2020 collection for Bottega Veneta in Seoul. Random Studio designed a spatial listening experience based on Francois Bayle’s ‘Acousmonium’ audio installations from the 1970s, drawing inspiration from its position adjacent to the renowned Hyundai Card Music Library.


The vibrant Bottega products are skillfully merchandised on inflatable displays. 

The Bottega pop-up experience, which was housed in a reflective inflatable structure in front of the building, combined acoustic properties with architecture and aesthetics by fitting the structure with 24 speakers of varying sizes into its voluminous walls to create a three-dimensional sonic landscape.


Visitors are greeted with an evocative, changing soundtrack, which they are encouraged to explore with their bodies by moving or remaining motionless. Different dreamscapes are conjured up by the overlapping layers of music. Snippets of the hustle of New York City and the crashing of waves on the seaside – are woven together with musical components produced by Seungmin Cha.



The brand pop-up operates parallel with the Bottega Veneta store with the installation’s aesthetics being carried over into the Vinyl & Plastic pop-up store, where the unique product displays are made of reflecting materials and inflated structures.



The two sites allowed for a more concentrated experience design, with one dedicated to an immersive brand experience and the other to a strong product presentation, both sharing the same art direction and idea.


Silvery mirrored surfaces and inflatables serve a sensory-evoking function there as well, enabling visitors to see and feel the bright clothing and accessories meticulously merchandized atop and around them.





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