Marketing to Millennials

Meet the generation with the
biggest purchasing power.


Accounting for every 1 in 3 consumer dollars spent, Millennials are the most influential audience of our time. Totalling approximately 8.3 million Australians, they now hold the majority of the purchasing power across almost every category.

Drawing from over 400 global and local reports, case studies, and industry research, the team at Davidson, together with Australia’s leading shopper scientist, have produced an in-depth analysis capturing the lives, likes, emotions, purchase drivers and shopping behaviours of our biggest spending generation.

The Marketing to Millennial report is the definitive guide to help marketers drive growth by capturing the hearts, minds and digital wallets of this influential market.

7 strategies behind the world's most successful destination brands

What’s inside the report?

Discover the mindsets and motivations behind our most influential generation in the Marketing to Millennials report. Meanwhile, here’s a snapshot of each section:

Where it all began

Today’s Millennials had a wide range of influences in their formative years, many of which still shape their attitudes, perceptions, and behaviours today. Influences include landmark events such as 9/11 and the Australian bushfires, as well as actively participating in BMX riding, Power Rangers and Nintendo 64.

How they live.

Most are working, but their work aspirations, careers and even jobs are in a Covid-19 induced state of flux. Work from Home (WFH) has reminded many of the critical need to balance work and life. Marketing should acknowledge and embrace the challenges and excitement of new work directions even if means not leveraging the primary Degree held by most. Supporting WFH still offers huge opportunities as it becomes a new way of life and not just a desk in the spare room.

What they feel.

Their reaction against consumerism and elements of traditional conservatism is profound and influences every aspect of their lives from eating more plant-based food to supporting LGBTQIA+. They make the effort to be agents of change, even in small ways, and it makes them feel better. Sharing values is critical to them, and they will punish brands and retailers who transgress. But brands who enable them to “do good”, particularly in small but demonstrable ways, will gain their trust and continued support.

Their lifestyle.

This most health-conscious generation takes a wholistic perspective on health. They simultaneously work on their physical elements, appearance, and mental health, and are happy to mix and match traditional and cutting-edge technologies. Products and brands that combine physical and mental health are appealing as will those that challenge conventional thinking.

What they like.

It’s a social media generation that embraces Facebook and Instagram and has a surprisingly high engagement with LinkedIn. But they also still watch television and many question the role of social media in their lives. The diversity of media channels utilised by this generation offers great opportunities for brand reinforcement by being everywhere they look.

How they spend.

Researching before purchasing is both standard practice and a favourite pastime of this generation. While rejecting consumerism, many are establishing homes and purchase homewares as often as they buy everyday fashion. With tight budgets, BNPL is extremely appealing. Providing access to lots of product information and supporting it with evidence of a social conscience encourages purchases, but lack of BNPL can be a major barrier.

Getting them to buy.

Depending on the occasion, this generation can display classic FOMO, impulse or planned purchasing behaviour. Brands and retailers who can offer shoppers opportunities for FOMO, impulse and planned purchasing will have greater appeal and visitation.


7 strategies behind the world's most successful destination brands

7 strategies behind the world's most successful destination brands

7 strategies behind the world's most successful destination brands


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