B+Tube Immersive flagship


B+Tube is a new generation women's cosmetics brand and retailer that released an immersive store concept into a thriving industry.

Storeage designed the shopping experience to cater to Zoomers’ purchase behaviour. This technologically savvy generation is exactly who B+Tube’s Changsha flagship is targeted at. The interior allows adolescents to create social content while shopping, which helps to facilitate online to offline consumption.

Three majestic arches extend out in three different directions, each displaying products that align with the fundamentals of cosmetics – cleansing, foundation, and makeup. 

The chosen design codes completely correspond to the sensibilities of B+Tube’s target audience, providing expressive, colourful, and highly interactive settings. 

Each section is fitted with digital teaching centres that allow consumers to watch tutorials and make their own social media videos utilising the store’s decor as a vivid backdrop, focusing on AI-driven interactions. ‘We want to encourage a younger Chinese generation to express themselves in whatever shape or colour they prefer,’ says B+Tube founder and CEO Lisa Yu, ‘yet never at the expense of healthy skin.’

Visitors will travel through themed corridors categorized by-products, each marked by neon statements about “showing an attitude,” according to the main designer Li Kang.  

The standout material of the Insta-friendly facility is iridescent perforated steel, which was utilised to create a central cathedral-like structure. 

The design is inspired by the original Chinese story of a mouse that fell into a rice jar. It’s the analogy of being completely immersed in all of the possibilities the brand wants to provide teens for self-expression.

The store’s perimeter is kept clean and laboratory-like, with brushed metal and white Corian. It emphasises that B+Tube will not carry any cosmetic or skincare brand without conducting a thorough study into the goods’ effects on your skin.

The brand states that the radiant space would establish a new standard in teen cosmetics by concentrating on artificial intelligence (AI)-driven digital interactivity.





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