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ARRB Brand Identity

The Australian Road Research Board (ARRB) is the source of independent expert transport knowledge advising key decision-makers on our nations most important challenges with a strong and proud heritage supporting and delivering high quality applied research.

The world is experiencing amazing changes that impact all of us, from the way we travel and connect, to where we live and how we work. ARRB is moving into this future with a new vision and mission to benefit the lives of their members, communities and future generations. They are focussed on an outcome that will help make the world’s cities smarter, greener, safer and more productive, delivering an adaptable connected future for all.

The ARRB brand has been redesigned to reflect a modern organisation focussed on innovative transport research. With a modern colour palette of white, electric blue and silver, the new master brand is clean and futuristic, inspired by transport pathways, locations and connections. The imagery is a mix of big-picture transport landscapes reflecting the future-facing vision of ARRB and intimate portraits of people and communities in transit (the people ARRB benefit).

Davidson Branding won Gold at the 2018 Sydney Design Awards for this brand identity.

“The ARRB Brand in its new form has allowed us to live the reset moment with our clients. Our client base has embraced the change that has been accompanied by a new sense of energy from our staff in delivering significant outcomes that are transforming the transport space in Australia.”

Michael Caltabiano, CEO.


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