BIC 4Colours Pen

With a history spanning over 70 years and boasting an astounding production of approximately 2 million pens daily, BIC is celebrated worldwide as a beloved iconic brand. Their 4Colours pen, is renowned for its unique and innovative design, facilitating effortless color-coding and task organisation.

Davidson was briefed to develop and deliver a campaign to elevate awareness, drive sales, and make the 4colours pen the quintessential pen of choice for Australian and New Zealand writers, drawers, and doodlers.

Working closely with the team at BIC and our media partners, we facilitated an ideation and strategy session, developed a detailed media plan then brought the global campaign assets to life across across bus sides, Westfield SmartScreens, and engaging social media content on Meta, YouTube, and TikTok.

The multifaceted campaign achieved a strong cut-through in a cluttered and competitive market achieving over 6.6 million impressions and, most importantly, had a positive uplift in sales of 8.4%.

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