Corporate Catholic Church Insurance CCI The Next Chapter 100 Years of Stories

CCI Brand Story

Catholic Church Insurance has been insuring the Church and its Community assets for over 100 years. In 2016, CCI started the next chapter in their journey with a three-year transformation program aimed at making the organisation better, stronger and smarter for staff and clients. CCI asked Davidson to create a video to launch the strategy and future vision to their staff; to get them excited about the new strategy and wanting to be actively involved in building the future of the organisation. The video also captures the evolution of the business, acknowledging and building on the past achievements and unique expertise of CCI. The challenge was to create a modern, bright, emotive and inspiring CCI video which retained a link to the CCI visual identity, but sat above all the day-to-day expressions of the brand that staff are used to.

The video was launched earlier this year at several large scale staff events and was met by a standing ovation! What more could you ask for.

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