Dilmah Finest Packaging Development

Dilmah is renowned for creating the world’s finest single-origin ethical teas, directly from its own tea gardens in Sri Lanka.

In the wake of the global financial crises, the tea industry encountered a range of formidable challenges including increased competition and the commodification of the category.

In response, Dilmah sought to introduce a range of teas tailored to a new generation of tea enthusiasts—Generation Z and Millennials—by encapsulating the art and science of tea-making, the familial passion for tea, and an unwavering commitment to taste, natural goodness, and ethical principles in tea.

Thus, Dilmah Finest emerged, a culmination of the finest handpicked teas and infusions meticulously selected for their quality, fragrance, and character.

Our approach involved market research and strategy encompassing a thorough exploration of consumer preferences, luxury trends, and competitor positioning.

Central to our strategy was conceptualising a range that resonated with Dilmah’s loyal clientele but also commanded attention amidst the saturated landscape of teas.

The new designs aimed to evoke a sense of rejuvenated elegance. Drawing inspiration from the world of luxury packaging, we introduced artisanal artistry to accentuate product purity and embrace simplicity.

Each face of the packaging was imbued with captivating storytelling and symbolic imagery, paying homage to the brand’s rich heritage and core values. A heartfelt tribute to Dilmah Founder Merrill J. Fernando was also included, ensuring his legacy endured through this collection.

We orchestrated the rollout of 24 SKUs, employing a comprehensive colour guide ensuring clear differentiation among the products. The new branding was then seamlessly integrated into various marketing channels, including out-of-home media and a captivating launch video, affirming Dilmah Finest’s standing as the pinnacle of quality and sophistication in the tea industry.

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