Field Day Brand Refresh

Having a field day with fun designs!

Australian Primary Hemp (APH) is 100% Australian owned and locally grown by farmers around Australia. From paddock to the supermarket, they are committed to providing premium, all-natural hemp products. Their pet care brand, Field Day, was on the rise with new product development in the pipeline.

APH came to Davidson for assistance in redefining the current Field Day packaging architecture to ensure each product stood out in its category, was equally engaging in-store and online, and was relevant across their key markets, Australia and the US.

They also wanted to refine the strength of the Field Day brand across their product portfolio. As their brand grew to include more categories, they wanted to ensure that there was a unified brand look and feel across the entire product range.

Davidson’s strategy and creative team did an extensive in-store and online audit of the brand, including category design observations, brand positioning of the category’s leading players and assessing the strength of the current Field Day packaging design.

Davidson facilitated a creative brand inspiration session based on these learnings, deep-diving into global benchmarks and best practices. This created a healthy debate around the style and direction the creative evolution of the packaging would take on.

The name ‘Field Day’ originated from the founders’ joy of seeing their dog running and playing. Davidson developed the concept of ‘interactive play’ to capture the special nature of the owner-pet relationship and the emotional bond during playtime.

Each pack design featured a dog playing with a ball in various situations and positions. The ball represented the dot of the ‘i’ within the Field Day logotype to become the focal point of interaction between the dog (the brand mascot) and brandmark (representing the dog owner). Distinct colours were selected for each product so consumers could easily navigate the range.

“We loved working with Davidson on the Field Day brand. They went above and beyond to understand the core of our business and brand. They executed beautiful designs that not only embraced the spirit of Field Day, but also the commercial setting where it would be sold. The team was talented, collaborative and a pleasure to work with.” – Natalie Butler, General Manager.

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