Foresta Limited is committed to environmental sustainability and reducing reliance on fossil fuels. They are dedicated to manufacturing and supplying two key biomass products, wood pellets and pine chemicals.

What sets Foresta apart is its unique “twin engine” model, which distinguishes it as the sole company globally with the capability and technical expertise to simultaneously produce both wood pellets and pine chemicals from the same manufacturing facilities. This innovative approach positions Foresta as a leading player in the biomass industry, facilitating sustainable energy solutions while actively promoting the responsible use of forest resources.

Davidson was engaged by Leaf Resources to create a holistic strategy incorporating research immersion, brand strategy, naming, and semiotics to deliver a complete new brand identity being Foresta. 

We crafted Foresta’s brand identity with a unique logo featuring a circular symbol, representing sustainability. The nature-inspired color palette, including sky blue and forest greens, flows seamlessly into photography that highlights Foresta’s positive impact. The chosen typeface is confident yet approachable, reflecting the company’s warm and optimistic tone. Overall, the branding emphasizes innovation, sustainability, and a strong connection to nature.

Following the brand identity, Davidson completed the comprehensive Foresta brand style guide and subsequently brought it to life by designing and developing the Foresta website. The final touch involved the creation of a complete package of brand assets, including conference banners, presentation templates, and office signage.

Leaf Resources now has the required engagement tools to present Foresta to the Australian Government and Global Sustainability Committees as a Renewable Energy Solution creating a low-carbon energy future for all.

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