Since 1990, Freedom has led the way in gluten-free foods, embracing the notion that life is more free when you nourish your body with wholesome and tasty food. They firmly believe gluten-free food can be enjoyable without sacrificing flavour.

However, Freedom Foods’ packaging fell short of reflecting its brand essence, lacking brand recognition and taste appeal.

Davidson was briefed by Good Food Partners to revitalise the Freedom brand and packaging to align with current consumer trends, boost on-shelf performance, and elevate brand awareness. The goal was to improve brand impact, ensure consistency, and rekindle consumer love and loyalty to ultimately drive growth.

We worked with one of the industry’s leading food photographers and stylists to produce a series of images that not only convey wholesome goodness but also celebrate the abundance of flavors.

Collaboratively, with a talented Australian calligrapher, we crafted a unique and expressive brandmark. A brandmark that embodies energy, vibrancy, and a true sense of freedom, aimed to capture the essence of the positioning “the freedom to live well when you eat well.”

This new dynamic brandmark seamlessly flows through the packaging, visually emphasising the connection between healthy eating and overall well-being. The brandmark was used along with bright and modern colors, to enhance shelf visibility, catching the consumer’s attention.

Freedom’s packaging now lives and breathes its ethos, highlighting their role as pioneers and leaders of gluten-free eating.

“Davidson brought their A Game to the challenge and took what was a restricted and boxed up design to one that feels joyful and literally, free” – Amy Smith, Head of Marketing

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