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Fusion is a collective of leading agencies that specialise in retail design, visual merchandising, temporary and permanent displays and print procurement. For over 16 years, Fusion has ignited creativity and shaped outcomes for more than 600 retail brands across the Asia Pacific region, including global names like Uniqlo, McDonald’s and Adidas.

Fusion’s growing international exposure and global expansion gave rise to the opportunity to refresh the brand. A new strategy was required to elevate the business to a global stage and bring to life the future vision of the company as one unified collective of retail specialists. The strategic direction would inform a revamped visual identity that needed to reflect the cutting-edge innovation and international stature of the Fusion brand.

Davidson, working closely with Marmalade, created a new strategy centred on the positioning, ‘The Fusion Reaction. Where imagination and action collide’. Just as a fusion reaction brings together two hydrogen atoms 
to release energy, this parallels with how Fusion’s project delivery teams bring together a range of talent to ignite creativity. The strategy redefines Fusion as an energetic, imaginative and optimistic brand. A creative partner that isn’t afraid to push the boundaries to make great things happen and believes if it can be imagined, it can be created.

The Fusion visual identity is directly inspired by the fusion reaction. The symbol is made of an atomic circle holding a simple sans serif wordmark that has been refined with curved geometric forms. Together, the identity is a symbol of unity and modernity. Working with Fusion’s digital team, Davidson brought the brand to life in animation with powerful explosions of elements like powder and ink that project out from the symbol with energy and dynamism. Stills taken from these explosions formed the graphic language of the identity system. This is paired with a warm palette of purple, red, orange and yellow that blends into a vibrant gradient to capture the ambition and optimism of the brand.

The new brand has helped Fusion become one united front for all agencies partnered with the group. The new positioning provides a compelling selling proposition to inspire loyal customers and attract global ones to help the organisation drive sustainable growth.

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