Gippsland Dairy Australia Packaging Design

Gippsland Dairy Fan Made Flavours

Gippsland Dairy recently held a competition providing their loyal fans with the opportunity to bring their dream Gippsland Dairy flavour to life. With the selection from their range of 12 yogurt flavours and 16 mix-ins, two lucky fans built their ultimate creation that is sold in store for a limited time.

Davidson was commissioned to create foil designs for the 2 new limited batch flavours; ‘Chocolate Dipped Strawberries’ – a flawless blend of creamy strawberry yogurt with strawberry fruit pieces, dark chocolate crumble, milk chocolate and choc fudge and the second flavour is ‘Caramelized Pineapple Cake’ – a winning combination of caramelised pineapple yogurt with graham cookie caramel fudge white chocolate and meringue crunch.

As a special release for the Gippsland Dairy mix-in range, Davidson had to look at how the limited nature of the yoghurts could be amplified whilst remaining on-brand with their existing flavours. A few key elements that were carried through from their current packs were; the elevated appetite appeal through the flavour cameos, the Gippsland Dairy logo lockup and the delectable flavour driven coloured background.

Our team added a ‘Limited Batch’ callout above the flavour name and chose a gold sticker with the ‘Fan Made Flavour’ callout to differentiate the limited batch from the regular flavours. Davidson designed the gold sticker to amplify shelf standout and connect with the gold banners used on the competition led foil designs last year, making it clear to consumers that the flavours were the result of a competition. We also wanted to produce that winning feeling, hence the winning badge shape of the sticker. The gold foil texture has then been incorporated into the jacket of the farmer in the Gippsland Dairy logo to make it a little more special.

The tagline ‘Fan-Voted Flavour’ had to talk to the question posed on the original competition foils ‘Are you our biggest fan?’ and communicate that it was a fan made creation. Doing so made it recognisable to the consumer and made them feel a part of the Gippsland Dairy family.

In addition to the delicious Gippsland Dairy ingredient cameos, we added glows and highlights around them to reinforce the special nature of the product and ensure that both flavours look like a set on the shelf.

The result was two brand new flavours, created by two of their biggest fans. Available in Woolworths for a limited time only.

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