Gippsland Dairy X Darrell Lea

The yogurt game has just been changed forever with the most anticipated collaboration!

Darrell Lea has been challenging the chocolate and lolly aisle for almost a decade, and Gippsland Dairy produces the creamiest, most irresistible yogurt you’ll ever taste. The two industry leaders have come together to introduce the ultimate flavour combo mix-ins. A match made in heaven! 

Delivering three heavenly yogurts, inspired by some of Darrell Lea’s most iconic chocolate block flavours: White Choc Raspberry, Rocklea Road and Caramel Craving. These irresistible Mix-Ins are available exclusively at Woolworths. Find them in the yogurt aisle.

Davidson was commissioned to develop a look and feel for the 3 new SKUs and develop design concepts that would promote the new collaboration between Gippsland Dairy and Darrell Lea. This range was not only developed as a new offering for the current Gippsland Dairy Mix-In fans, but also aimed to recruit Darrell Lea and/or Chocolate lovers to the yogurt range. 

A key part of the design was to draw elements from the Darrell Lea packs without compromising the Gippsland Dairy brand identity. The Darrell Lea branding is well established and recognised amongst Australians by their iconic striped packaging. These coloured stripes are a core asset used across all the Darrell Lea chocolate blocks, not only telling the flavour story but also reiterating the Darrell Lea brand identity. This was therefore a key asset that was adapted to work on pack. 

With the Darrell Lea ingredients as the hero element on the pack, it reinforces the quality that is associated with Darrell Lea chocolate. By placing the ingredients front and center on the packaging adds appetite appeal and overall decadence that comes with this offering. 

To clearly highlight the collaboration, Davidson creatively introduced a signpost as a callout that aligned with the Gippsland Dairy existing look and feel. 

With such a strong following behind both Gippsland Dairy Mix-Ins and Darrell Lea, these products are bound to be flying off the shelf. Not only are they exciting new flavours to enter the yogurt space but they are also incredibly delicious! 


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