Green Care - Packaging design product range
Green Care - Logo Design
Green Care - Packaging design product range in situ
Green Care - Packaging design product range
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Green Care - product range packaging design
Green Care - Product Range
Green Care - Product Range

Green Care

Launched in February 2021, Green Care offers a range of carefully crafted, environmentally friendly cleaning products to the Australian and New Zealand markets. Driven by true innovation that reduces cleaning time, Green Care produced a range of natural enzyme-based cleaning and laundry products made from 3 core ingredients – water, plant-based enzymes and natural surfactants. Offering 48-hour continuous cleaning power whilst being safe for the family and 100% biodegradable.

Green Care saw an opportunity when they identified a gap in the cleaning market and a consumer need for a truly green range. The simple core ingredients have given Green Care a competitive advantage against other brands that produce products with more than seven ingredients, including preservatives and dyes.

Davidson were commissioned to develop the identity and packaging for the new brand Greencare, with a look and feel that aligned with the brand’s values and created strong brand blocking on shelf. The new packaging needed to be cohesively applied to the entire product family with the ability to adapt to Greencare’s different product offerings. The design needed to tap into the natural sustainable packaging cues in a way that will aesthetically sit in a bathroom setting.

Davidson created modern branding that highlighted the product benefits. The new range features a stylised plant-inspired set of icons that are a nod to the plant-based heritage of ingredients, reinforcing the unprocessed ethical nature of the products. These were paired with a vibrant colour palette of blues, greens, pinks, yellows and oranges to create a simple packaging system that heroes both the continuous cleaning power and the environmentally friendly aspect of the brand. The Davidson team introduced a categorised colour system and a set of product icons to emphasise the GreenCare features and benefits. The stylised Green Care logo features a leaf ligature on the ‘g’ reinforcing the brands’ sustainable credentials.

The release of the Green Care products has generated immense buzz across their social media platforms, with one consumer saying, “we just love that not only is this a quality product but its affordable and a perfect option for our family and the environment as well.”

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