Kurrajong Kitchen Lavosh Bites Re-brand

Baking over a million pieces of Lavosh daily, Kurrajong Kitchen has become a cherished favourite among chefs and home entertainers across the nation.

Originally baked in founders’, Ben & Karen’s restaurant, as a gesture of culinary excellence for their patrons, this award-winning family recipe continues to delight consumers to this day.

Recognising an opportunity to transition from merely offering a ‘great’ product to being renowned as an iconic Australian brand, Kurrajong Kitchen’s goal was to solidify its position in the market and emerge as a quintessential feature on every entertaining platter nationwide.

At the heart of Kurrajong Kitchen’s ethos lies the concept of family, an element we sought to elevate in their rebranding endeavour.

Key to this endeavour was the establishment of a distinct colour scheme. Through refinement of the brand’s iconic blue stripes and ellipse, we seamlessly transitioned to a modern aesthetic without compromising brand recognition.

The hand-script ‘Lavosh’ typeface was carefully selected to infuse an authentic and relatable feel.  We structured the packaging to prioritise information and showcased Kurrajong Kitchen’s 30-year milestone and proud Australian heritage.

By integrating captivating visuals of founders Karen and Ben, and paying homage to the brand’s narrative and indigenous roots, we enriched storytelling and fostered deeper consumer engagement with the brand’s ethos. Premium pack photography and styling were also curated to inspire consumers with platter ideas. 

This was extended to three distinct SKUs—Original Bites, Original Bites Twin Pack, and Pear & Cranberry Bites.

Now, Kurrajong Kitchen’s Lavosh stands ready to grace every entertainment platter as an Iconic Australian brand, firmly establishing its role as a beloved staple in gatherings nationwide.

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