Lead Express Rebrand

Lead Express is a prominent B2B lead generation firm in Australia. Distinguished for its expertise in utilizing digital and phone techniques to secure prospect-qualified leads.

Focusing on precision targeting, they assure businesses of lead quality and volume within specified budgets, ensuring a lucrative return on investment.

Davidson was briefed to revitalize Lead Express’ brand identity by crafting a new logo and establishing a cohesive brand aesthetic. This involved refreshing key touchpoints such as the website landing page, stationery, and brochure.

Our design approach ensured a sleek and modern aesthetic, embodying sophistication.

We revitalized the brand’s blue, infusing it with a more electric tone, while making the ‘x’ symbol convey action and forward-thinking, cutting through the clutter.

We also introduced a shorthand hallmark, serving as both an abbreviation and a secondary icon for brand recognition.

Our crafted messaging was direct, authoritative, and perfect for engaging with businesses and partners. By employing words beginning with “Ex,” we created headlines that were unique and proprietary to the Lead Express brand.

With a refreshed brand identity and cohesive aesthetic, Lead Express now stands out as a beacon of innovation and expertise in B2B lead generation.

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