Messy Monkeys Brand Refresh

Messy Monkeys, the cheeky child of Good Food Partners, offers a delicious range of healthy snacks for Aussie kids.

Their old branding was catered mainly to preschoolers and infant-aged children, limiting its appeal to older age groups.

As a shopper, it was also challenging to distinguish between the flavor variants, and the nutritional information was not easily navigable.

To tap into the lunchbox growth opportunity and appeal to a broader demographic, there was a need for a brand refresh that would resonate with an older kids while retaining the essence of fun.

The primary objective was to create an engaging brand and packaging that stood out on the shelf and clearly communicated the product’s health benefits.

To redefine the brand, we integrated an image that captures the essence of adventure and playfulness.

Introducing a vibrant cast of monkey characters led by the affable Marty, we not only cultivated a sense of camaraderie but also imbued each character with a distinct personality, ensuring children could easily identify with their favorites.

Infusing edginess into their attire and demeanor, we created a brand that exuded youthful coolness, resonating with our target audience. Every SKU was given its own designated character, further enhancing the brand identity and creating a world where our Monkey mates thrived, fostering engagement and imagination.

Our efforts extended beyond character creation as we introduced a new logo, brand mark, and a set of icons that captivated attention instantly. Updating packaging with bold colors and a heroic brandmark, we ensured the products stood out on the shelves.

We also continued with social media templates, ensuring a cohesive and immersive brand experience across all touchpoints.

With their cheeky and bold new image, Messy Monkeys’ market presence has been elevated and excitement has been infused into every bite.

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