Skypark by AJ Hackett Rebranding

Skypark by AJ Hackett

AJ Hackett has been at the forefront of adventure tourism since pioneering Bungy Jumping in the late 1980s. In 2020, Skypark by AJ Hackett was launched around the world; a series of adventure parks that offer a range of adrenaline-filled, gravity-defying activities. Celebrating everything that AJ Hackett – one of its founders – is famous for, Skypark prides itself in creating positively life-changing experiences that push personal boundaries and allow individuals to create their own story.

Davidson Branding was briefed with developing a new visual identity that brought to life the vision for the new business – Skypark by AJ Hackett. Recognised for being the ultimate adventure company with a diverse range of product offerings in four locations globally, the need arose for Davidson to develop a brand architecture for the portfolio that provided greater brand consistency. Living in a highly-digitised world, it was also crucial that the new assets could be applied across both digital and physical touchpoints.

Davidson developed a monolithic brand architecture which was split into four tiers; masterbrand, location brands, activity brands and amenity brands. Whilst each tiers’ logo style is different, they all still masterfully maintain the same overall look and feel.

The masterbrand, which comprises the bespoke Skypark wordmark and the AJ Hackett signature, is the identity for the overall business and is used for umbrella applications – such as the AJ Hackett portal. As a symbol of strength and experience among adventure brands, the identity captures momentum and pace; speaking to the brand’s mission of challenging people to achieve what they thought was impossible.

The masterbrand developed by Davidson was then separated into specific location logos for Cairns, Sentosa, Macau Tower and Normandie Ark. These location brands add a descriptor to the master logo in a teal ribbon holding device to call out the specific Skypark location. Together, the elements form a memorable mark of excellence and innovation.

All Skypark locations offer a suite of activities and services that vary from location to location. In order to create a cohesive architecture system, Davidson grouped the activities by type and identified them with a distinct colour; this ensures easy navigation. As AJ Hackett is synonymous with Bungy, all Bungy logos – and similar activities like Skyjump – were endorsed with the AJ Hackett signature and make use of a consistent colour palette. Mirroring the Skypark location logo style and format, Davidson also developed amenity brand logos to identify the core food and beverage offerings operated by the company.

The Skypark by AJ Hackett colour palette is energetic and modern. The signature electric blue is spread over the on-site touchpoints to effectively brand the environment. Its consistent application across all branded communications allows for stronger brand recognition; creating an instant identifier. To ensure consistent use of the new brand identity Davidson created a comprehensive style guide.

The scope of work included; developing a masterbrand, brand identity system, brand architecture strategy and creation of a brand style guide to ensure the consistent roll-out of the brand across all countries.

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