SULO Website

SULO has been the technological leader in the manufacture of garbage bins for more than 130 years. SULO MGB Australia was acquired by Pact Group in 2014, and has since incorporated the operations to leverage the scale of the group. Pact Group is a global leader in circular and sustainable Packaging, Reuse, and Recycling solutions.

The Pact Group wanted to redesign the SULO website to reflect the advanced material science, design tech and innovation that is the SULO point of difference. Using locally-sourced recycled resin to create wheelie bins, SULO can significantly reduce the carbon emissions and water usage from the manufacturing process.

By using local recycled content, the SULO bins are made from old bins and the plastic waste our bins collect enabling a local Circular Economy.

SULO Australia had an outdated website that was mainly product focussed – demonstrating the large range of bins available for local councils to purchase. The previous website did not communicate SULO as the environmental and innovative product of choice for councils. The new website needed to send a clear message and demonstrate the SULO products as premium, more durable products than their competitors.

Davidson was tasked with refreshing the existing website, and developing a way to integrate the Pact Group branding – Reuse: Environmental Solutions, whilst still reflecting and following the SULO global brand guidelines. SULO also required a parallax page that detailed the material science and process for developing the SULO bins.

The design and page content was focussed around strategic repositioning of the SULO brand as a premium, superior product – so ensuring local councils understand what makes SULO different was key to the design brief. To achieve this messaging the design was based around educating the website visitor about the product point of difference.

Davidson produced a premium and interactive website that highlighted the product features and benefits of SULO bins through interactive design modules.

Highlighting SULO’s manufacturing process, a parallax homepage was specifically developed alongside a carbon calculator to inform visitors that the bins are made up of 80% Recycled content, made from the waste it collects as part of a circular environmental solution. This feature page provides an engaging way for users to calculate their environmental benefits of their purchase. The development of the colour picker is another interactive design module that allows users to calculate their own carbon savings from moving to higher recycled content.

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