Sunsol Rebrand

Grounded in the goodness of quality and wholesome ingredients, Sunsol is dedicated to providing a delicious blend of premium, sun-kissed ingredients designed to nourish you daily.

Although Sunsol was a beloved brand, research identified key issues hindering its full potential, including information hierarchy, inconsistent labeling, packaging materials, and its alignment with the brand.

To address these challenges, we set out to capture the feeling of embracing the Australian sun. From the warmth of the beaches to the refreshing morning breeze, Sunsol embodies the essence of feeling happy and healthy throughout the day.

Sunsol’s products boast a tasty mix of real, wholesome ingredients, perfect for starting your day right. So, naturally, the packaging had to reflect this.

Transitioning from their previous heavy use of black, we opted for vibrant gradient colors. This creative approach infused the brand with the lively essence of the Australian sky, resulting in packaging that is bright, bold, and visually captivating.

Sunsol’s packaging design now showcases an array of Australian and flavor-inspired hues, complemented by inviting top-down photography of breakfast bowls adorned with delicious and nutritious toppings.

Beyond the brand and packaging, we orchestrated an extensive media campaign, including television commercials, floor decals, and out-of-home media across both Coles and Woolworths platforms, to elevate Sunsol’s presence. As well as introducing their new range of indulgent feel-good bars, aligning with the brand’s ethos of providing wholesome, delicious breakfast options.

“Davidson embraced the potential for the Sunsol brand to romance breakfast shoppers through bringing to life the beauty of Aussie colours, sunshine and ingredients. The results are stunning. So great on shelf, contemporary and highly visible, the Sunsol brand is revitalised, and Davidson have nailed it..again!” – Amy Smith, Head of Marketing

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