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Tesserent Brand Refresh

Securing our digital future, together.
Tesserent is Australia’s largest ASX-listed cybersecurity provider and partners with ANZ’s major enterprises and government organisations. In recent years they acquired many of the industry’s leading brands and now collectively offer incredible end-to-end capabilities in the cyber security space.

Tesserent needed to communicate the successful integration of their acquisition brands into their masterbrand. A single brand would help the market distinguish the ‘previous boutique Tesserent’ from the new iconic powerhouse they had become. The new brand needed to send a very clear message that they have a united leadership team with a clear direction and strategy, as well as being equally relevant to their customers, investors, stakeholders, and valued employees.
Requiring one iconic masterbrand, Davidson was tasked with refreshing the existing Tesserent brand and repositioning the brand. After extensive interviews with the leadership team, the positioning ‘Securing our digital future, together’ was created to capture the impact of cyber security on society. It also heavily touches on the partnership aspect of their business. The perpetual infinity symbol reflects Tesserent’s cyclical 360 Cyber Security Framework and the merging of all brands working together to achieve one cohesive vision. It also tells the story of the partnerships externally with their clients and internally with employees. The fresh, contemporary colour palette was selected to stand out in the industry and represents Tesserent’s new brand personality: authoritative, optimistic, smart and collaborative. The brand rollout involved refreshing the brand language and tone of voice to reflect the new brand personality, developing a comprehensive suite of brand assets including an image library, internal document templates, social media posts to launch the brand, animating the logo and producing a brand video. The brand video not only introduced the stunning new logo, but told the Tesserent business story, the enormous growth and opportunity that the business offers.

“Davidson guided us through a process which was the ideal combination of industry research, substantiating their recommendations and facilitating buy in of our stakeholders.
The Davidson team were always receptive to feedback and pulled out all stops to meet our, probably unreasonable, deadlines.
The response to the new look and feel has been uniformly positive. Staff from all corners of the company have taken time to tell us how much they love the new brand. We’ve also been monitoring investor chat boards and it has definitely generated buzz in that community. Finally, even our clients have passed on feedback – my favourite being ‘Tesserent now feels like the substantial cybersecurity player that it is!”
Alexandra Belcher, Marketing Manager, Tesserent

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