Village Cheese & Yoghurt Brand Strategy & Design
Village Yoghurt Package Design Refresh
Village Yoghurt Package Design Refresh
Village Yoghurt Package Design Refresh

Village Cheese & Yoghurt Brand Strategy & Design

When Village Cheese and Yoghurt’s founder immigrated to Australia from Cyprus, he brought with him a rich tradition – the sharing of beautiful food with family and friends. It was this love for good food that inspired the creation of the Village Yoghurt Company.

With a great product and a great story to tell, Village had the potential to broaden its distribution and significantly increase its sales. To help achieve this objective, Davidson Branding developed a brand strategy to underpin the design of a fresh, new logo and packaging.

Research showed the dairy category was flooded with mass-produced products that compromised quality for efficiency, and that people were looking for better quality food to feed and share with their families.

The strategy focused on bringing to life Village’s commitment to great ingredients, the importance of their traditional, homemade recipes, and the sense of pride around the heritage. In a category saturated by the big dairy players, this gave Village a strong point of difference and cleared the way for the new positioning, “From the Heart.”

Leveraging the new brand strategy, we gave the packaging a fresh, contemporary look. The new Village illustration delivers a sense of tradition in line with the brand purpose, whilst the cows in the illustration proudly wear a heart-shaped motif, a reference to the new positioning, “From the Heart.” The bold, iconic diagonal stripes provide exceptional shelf standout, unlike anything else in the category.

When asked about the new branding and packaging, an amazing 99% of consumers and suppliers loved the new design. “The new packaging communicates good quality, handcrafted food,” said one consumer.

Davidson won Silver at the 2018 New York Design Awards for this project.

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