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Visit Werribee & Surrounds Brand Identity

Werribee is located within the vibrant region of Wyndham on the western edge of Melbourne. An area endowed with great natural beauty, it features a diversity of scenic tourist attractions, including the Werribee Park and Mansion, Werribee Open Range Zoo, State Rose Garden, Habour Marina, and Equestrian Centre. Wyndham is a designated growth area of Melbourne, currently ranked as the third fastest-growing local government area in Victoria.

While Werribee and its surrounds have an impressive range of cultural and scenic attractions that draw high visitation numbers, research identified a weak destination brand in comparison to city brands like Geelong, Melbourne, and Sydney. Further studies also revealed a disconnect between what the region was known for and the aspiration of becoming a leading visitor destination. Davidson was tasked with creating a compelling positioning and brand identity that would captivate non-locals and help market Werribee on a regional, national, and global scale.

Davidson conducted research and stakeholder workshops to define the key foundations of the brand architecture and strategy. This included developing a name that leveraged the recognition and equity of the region – Visit Werribee & Surrounds. From this, we built a brand narrative, personality, and positioning statement – ‘Adventure Unleashed’ – that speaks to the unparalleled diversity of exciting experiences and fun personality boasted by Werribee. 

A new brand identity was developed to evoke a ‘cornucopia’ of Werribee’s key attractions. Bright imagery, scenic photos, and geometric shapes combine to position Werribee as a modern location for immersive experiences. Attractions radiate from the centre, symbolising both the vibrancy of the area and the wealth of experiences to be enjoyed. An abundance of foliage represents both the natural surrounds and a visual metaphor for the exciting period of growth ahead.

The new brand identity has received a fantastic reception from locals and visitors alike.

For an area that previously suffered from a proliferation of sub-brands and narratives, this brand gives them a scalable, unifying identity to underpin their marketing initiatives. The brand narrative positions Werribee as a destination that young families, tourists, and couples are now excited to visit, building a reputation that will secure the area’s future prosperity, sustainability, and liveability.


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