Competitive Advantage

Strategies to drive business growth
in 2023& beyond



Competition has never been more fierce. Accelerated by a perfect storm of a global pandemic, globalisation, digital adoption, high employment costs, and an increasingly budget-conscious, time-poor, and information-savvy consumer.

Never before has it been so crucial for businesses to have a competitive strategy to survive and thrive. Drawing on studies in Sustainable Competitive Advantage at Harvard Business School combined with 30 years of consulting with leading businesses globally, Grant Davidson, founding partner of Davidson Branding, will share the foundations of a successful competitive strategy.


7 strategies behind the world's most successful destination brands

Main topics of focus


        • Why a competitive strategy is more important than ever

        • The 6 strategies of highly competitive companies

        • Practical case studies and examples

        • The 5 key steps to develop a competitive strategy



Competitive Advantage Programs


    • Competitive Strategy Analysis $900

    • 5 Forces Workshop (half day) $2,800

    • Competitive Advantage Workshops

    • Intuitive ( 1 day workshop) $4.800

    • In-depth (2 day workshop) $6,800

    • Advanced (3 day workshop + consumer research) $9,500*


    • *plus research
    • Fees include preparation, facilitation and outputs documentation.
      Fees are exclusive of GST