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Feel Good rebrand; where fun packaging meets self-care

Mental wellness and sustainability; two buzzwords in our increasingly complex everyday lives. Previously positioned with a one-dimensional message, the general manager of the Feel Good brand - Ed Woolner - sought to inject greater meaning into the sparkling water brand through a holistic message and mission. The Feel Good brand encourages deeper meaning in packaging design through their two-part strategy: sustainability through a closed-loop economy and mental wellbeing by ‘being in the moment’. As leaders in the space, The Collaborators repositioned and rebranded the British company by injecting purpose and ensuring shelf impact through an arresting packaging.

Feel Good

Feel Good’s ‘zen’ logo redesign playfully and cleverly communicates the brand’s mission; to take a moment to enjoy life.


Feel Good is a British company founded in 2019 in the small town of Bridport. The aspiration of its founders was for every drop to be made out of 100% natural, fruitful sparkling waters in plastic-free packaging – and to do good. Despite having a background working for world-renowned energy brands, the desire to offer consumers a healthier and more natural alternative to existing drinks was a unifying dream for the team, ultimately pushing them to start a new challenging venture. A new drink needed to enter the marketplace; an offering that could be the number one choice of healthy young adults and that kids would also love. However, soon after, the vision grew further; Feel Good’s brand needed to be transformed from its one-dimensional health message to a more holistic wellbeing alternative. It was not enough that the beverages tasted good; it needed to be good and do good. The company altruistically wanted to support mental health and give back to the planet by embarking on a 3-year sustainable journey – small steps to a giant leap of becoming carbon positive. 


Feel Good

The founders wanted to create a brand that could facilitate moments and help people find what makes them ‘feel good’. 


The strategy behind the rebranding was to bring to life the notion of being fully in the moment; taking time out of our busy lives to refresh our bodies and clear our minds. This not only directed the creative decision-making, but it also led directly to improved product recipes. Feel Good relaunched their flavourful drinks at the start of 2020, which now contained adaptogens – natural herbs that lift the mind and body. Congruently to the product recipe update, the packaging needed to, not just reflect the new-found appreciation for wellbeing in the complexities of modern life, but also had to ensure shelf stand-out through an arresting, bold design. 


Making Health Cool


A refreshingly minimalist design for Feel Good was developed by The Collaborators; the idea guiding the redesign being ‘stop, have a drop’. The water-drop serves as the focal point of the newly designed cans. The ownable logo containing the lightly smiling and peaceful ‘zen’ face incorporated into the brand name, aimed to make consumers feel better just by glancing at it. The zen brand identity was perfect for use independently as a social media icon, animation or marque so that it became synonymous with the Feel Good brand across all touchpoints.


Feel Good

The minimalist, bright packaging revamp ensures the products shelf standout in a cluttered and busy category. 


The line ‘kind to the mind’ was created to capture the care consumers give themselves by sipping Feel Good’s adaptogenic waters. Staying true to its mission, the brand further challenges consumers by broadening the concept and implying that being kind to the mind includes being kind to others, not just themselves. Thus, on the back of the cans, it is communicated that 3% of the sales will be donated to charities that support the wellbeing of the planet and people. 


Feel Good

Feel Good facilitates #FeelGoodMoments by partnering with charities that align with their values of fostering the environment, personal wellbeing and communities. 


The company’s mission to develop a wholesome brand that aligns with their needs and values of today’s consumers is fully reflected by the materials and production process of the cans. The water-based ink used on the packaging and the shift to aluminium, plastic-free cans, are just two of the conscious choices Feel Good has made to reduce their environmental impact. Their commitment to the concept of the circular economy does not stop at the choice of reusable materials; they represent just a small step towards the company’s vision of building a brand with a greater sense of purpose. 


Feel Good

Reintroducing the drinks in sustainable packaging is only the beginning of the journey Feel Good has embarked on; the company fully supports the concept of the circular economy.


A purpose-led proposition


The Feel Good brand strategy, based on an all-encompassing idea of wellness, shows how brands must adapt their missions and overarching brand strategies to meet the increasingly complex needs of consumers. As the call for more sustainable and natural products grows, Feel Good was able to recognise and tap into a sustainability-aware audience through the introduction of natural ingredients and by making the switch to aluminium cans. The minimalist packaging not only achieves shelf stand out but also effectively represents the decluttering of life; taking some time out of one’s busy day to enjoy a moment of calm. By recognising a need to shake things up and adapt to change, Feel Good was able to develop both an attractive product and a relatable brand for consumers; impressively attracting and engaging over 10,000 supporters across their social platforms in just six months. 


Want a hand developing a purpose-led brand?


If you dream of developing a brand, like Feel Good, that makes the world a better place, we’d like to help by offering a strategy call with our Head of Strategy, Grant Davidson. Having nearly 30 years in the industry working with sustainable brands, Grant has the experience and knowledge necessary to identify your core brand values, and how to communicate them effectively. Of course, this call will be free of charge.


Written by Grant Davidson
Grant is the founding partner and head of strategy at Davidson Branding. Over his 30 year career, Grant has developed world’s best practice knowledge and expertise through his studies at Harvard Business School and his experience working with global leading brands.
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